Accomplish Your Goals and Move Beyond Experiences By Leveraging the Power of Hypnosis.

  • Kick Panic Attacks, Anxiety, and Trauma-Induced Mental Conflicts to the Curb when you do Hypnosis with me.

  • Gain Confidence, stop panic attacks, Overcome Traumas.

  • Stop addictions, eliminate fears and phobias in just a few Sessions.

  • It might be hard to Imagine you, confident and happy in your life without those old issues. It is possible, I have done it and you can do it. Working with a professional Hypnotist like Lisa Shook is much different than what you see on TV or on a stage show.

Here’s the Reason Why You’re Constantly Fighting A Battle With Yourself…

Over the years of helping high-achievers, and people in general, I’ve figured out that the actual reason why many people can’t overcome mental barriers is that they are looking for a magic pill.

They don’t realize that poor mental programming and a negative belief system stop them from achieving success, abundance, and poise in their lives. 

And since you’ve already realized it, you’re in a better place than 90% of individuals who are stuck in a rut because they are looking for solutions in the wrong places.

And now achieving the desired success is just a matter of time for you. I can’t wait to meet you.

So, You’ve Never Been Hypnotized Before?

Think of the last time you were immersed in a conversion that you didn’t have a clue about what’s happening around you.

Or that train of thought that made you zone out in the middle of a conversation. Or that movie that held your attention for a few good hours.

The point is, you’ve already been hypnotized. It’s a natural process. And this is what I use to help you overcome mental barriers one step at a time.

“I help you become a superior version of yourself by using proven hypnotherapy practices that penetrate deep into your mind to find out and fix the root cause of all the issues, so you can move forward in life.”

-Lisa Shook

Past tragedies and pain-inducing events keep striking back until managed

The fact is the past traumatic experiences that took place any time in the past hold us back more evasively than we may care to accept.

And you already know about it…

Why did that happen?

It is because something destructive happened in the past that left scars on your brain.

And those scars grew into jagged wounds over the years, and now causing all sorts of problems.

And that calls for a solution that deep dives into a brain to pick out the exact issues that are pushing you back.

This is where Hypnosis works best to first identify the issues and then shatter them one by one.

Introducing My Hypnosis Method to Help You Overcome Mental Barriers!

The reason I’ve been able to successfully imprint positive mental patterns into the minds of my clients is that I ask them the right questions and meet them where they are on their journey.

And I don’t stop there.

I let them speak about their past experiences in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental environment. Through my trainings and life experiences I know what to do to help people right where they are at.

That allows me to peel back the layers of their past happenings and jog through their memory lane without causing more trauma, and as quickly as possible change happens in a powerful way.

All while making them feel safe and comfortable since I know where to draw a line.

This is what helps my clients get fabulous results.

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Hypnotherpay Certification FAQ

Your questions about hypnotism, hypnosis certification, and how to become a professional hypnotist, answered by Lisa Shook, Certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist and 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® Teacher, International Speaker and Business Coach to Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. RMT, and lifelong learner.

On a typical day in the life of a hypnotist, the hypnotist will see between 3-6 clients. These clients are struggling with common, everyday issues like wanting to lose weight, stop smoking, sleep better, reduce anxiety, or reduce the sensation of pain. 


To begin working with a client, a Hypnotist will conduct a consultation to discover what the goals of the client are and what the client has tried previously to address any given issue. The Hypnotist will come up with a plan to help the client achieve their desired results, followed by hypnosis sessions with the client.


A Hypnotist will typically schedule 4-6 sessions with a client to make sure the client is 100% successful not only with the change they want to make but also integrating the change into their life so it is sustainable. 


A hypnotherapist helps clients to gain awareness of any limiting beliefs and emotions that are keeping the client from being successful and eliminate them. A hypnotherapist also helps a client reprogram responses to situations and gain understanding of how to satisfy emotions with healthy responses.

Here at Kinetic Healing Connection and The Stressless Prosperity Institute, we use the terms interchangeably because it’s common that both terms are used to mean the same thing. In the state of Washington you can be licensed as a Hypnotherapist, other states have little or no regulation and in other states (including Texas and New York) “therapist” is a protected word, so many hypnotherapists must only refer to themselves as hypnotists. Some people think of “hypnotist” as a stage hypnotist, and some people consider working on issues with a professional as “hypnotherapy”.

Most states in the U.S. have little to no direct regulation over the practice of hypnotherapy, but laws vary from state-to-state. For example, Colorado, Connecticut, and Washington require mandatory licensure or registration. 


For more details on regulations for becoming a hypnotherapist in your state, review the state laws on the Hypnotherapists Union website: http://www.hypnotherapistsunion.org/statelaws

A certified hypnotherapist is a person who has a certification from a professional hypnosis organization that offers certification - for example, the National Guild of Hypnotists, or the ICBCH.

Some schools offer to train you in 48 hours. It’s not possible to learn what you need to understand to be a good hypnotist in that amount of time. Our training at Kinetic Healing Connection lasts 2 weeks. You will have the foundation to go out and become a great hypnotherapist will all the tools you need to build a successful business as a Hypnotist.

My advice is to get good training as a foundation, start seeing clients, and then continue learning from them. Learning from working with clients is the best training.

Becoming Certified in Hypnosis is a benefit to the industry and shows your commitment to your profession. This will assist in gaining trust with clients. You are taking a big step towards helping someone in one of the most personal ways you can imagine. The satisfaction of your clients thanking you and knowing you have helped someone in a positive, life changing way is AMAZING. There are no words to describe the ways it can open your heart to a new purpose in life. You will be rewarded financially as you can be creative in your own ways in the types of issues you decide you want to work with. There are no limits to what type of Hypnosis business you can create! 

To become a successful hypnotherapist requires a passion for helping people. Being a hypnotherapist is not easy work. We are helping people with some of the hardest challenges of life. Success requires a solid personal foundation, integrity, and the biggest of all, Compassion. You will need to be dedicated to your practice.

Take your training course with Lisa Shook, Certified by the ICBCH (International Clinical Board of Hypnotherapy) and member of the NGH, (National Guild of Hypnotists). 

  1. Schedule your admissions call: 
  2. Take the training seriously and you will be graduating and starting your practice right away if you choose. If you train with Lisa Shook, she will provide all the tools and training to leave and start your business, making full time or part time income.
  3. Create a website page, social media page, etc. 
  4. Spread the word about what you are doing
  5. Join a professional organization (if you train with Lisa Shook you will already have the opportunity to graduate with a membership)
  6. Advertise (if you train with Lisa Shook, you will have your advertising strategy in place upon graduation) Lisa Shook is also a business coach, this is an extra benefit by training at The Stressless Prosperity Institute.

Yes, hypnotists can make good money. Being a Hypnotist means they are small business owners - so it depends on how much they want to work. Some hypnotists want to work 2 or 3 days a week and have a relaxed lifestyle and great income. Others want to work full time, and make a six- figure income. Hypnotherapists can create a strictly remote/online business helping clients across the world, or build a Hypnosis business from a home office. Some Hypnotist find an office location and enjoy working their own schedule. A hypnotist can earn anywhere between $100-$500 or more per session. Many hypnotists earn a six-figure income within their first few years of practice.

If you feel your heart being pulled, then now is the best time. Why put your dreams on hold? There is only so much time in your life, and there are so many people that need your help.

How I conduct my sessions:

I usually work with my clients remotely through zoom sessions.

We meet with each other for 4 sessions to 8 sessions depending on the issue and history.

It doesn’t end here.

Since I want to make you unstoppable, I teach you what is called 7th Path Self Hypnosis – a revolutionary process of self-hypnosis that brings in the Spiritual Aspect to the process of change.

Self-hypnosis allows you to stay vigilant to all the events that occur in your life, which ensures that nothing harmful leaves scars on your mind. Empowerment for life.

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